Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Timeline Tuesday: Picking Up Where We Left Off

When last we spoke about the Bible timeline we were reading Isaiah and Revelation.
Just let me interject right here that I love reading Revelation at the same time that I'm reading Isaiah. It ranks right up there with pairing the gospel of John alongside the book of Genesis. Yes, it's that awe-inspiring.
But now we've finished the complete New Testament, which means that Revelation is no longer being read on the same days as Isaiah, and we've also interrupted our reading of Isaiah in order to read a few minor prophets from the same time period, which is really interesting if you've been paying attention because we interrupted our reading of II Kings in order to read portions of Isaiah!

These are all books that have been read in recent weeks. (Sorry about that! Feel free to review.)  :)

These ancient songs compiled by at least seven individuals are often used as devotional material today. Most people in the English-speaking world are probably familiar with at least one psalm, perhaps Psalm 23 or Psalm 100, if they know no others.

I like to also use them as prayers. For examples see Psalms 4, 5, 6, and 7.

I find that some psalms fit nicely with Isaiah, too, as many mention the King and allude to future events. Actually, the Psalms will parallel many of the books we've yet to read. That's good to know since the 150 individual portions will take us almost through the end of the year.

The psalms were written from the time of Moses (circa 1400 BC) to post-Exilic time (circa 500 BC).

Our study of the book written by the prophet, Isaiah, is interrupted so that we can read the accounts of three minor prophets: three men sent to three groups of people. All of these men were contemporary to Isaiah.

It was a time of great prosperity which ushered in a period of moral decline. No, not in America but in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Amos, a herdsman from Tekoa, is sent to deliver a message of warning as well as a promise.

Like Amos, Micah's hometown of Moresheth was a rural setting where the residents were typically farmers and herdsmen instead of prophets and priests. Yet God sent Micah to Judah to deliver a similar message to the one He sent with Amos to Israel.

At the time of this prophecy Assyria was the world power as their recent conquests had proven. But Micah prophesied that Babylon would conquer Judah.

My husband, Pastor Dad, likes to call the three chapters of this small book Jonah chapters 5, 6, and 7 because this is exactly the type of prophecy that the prophet, Jonah, wanted God to pronounce through him just a few generations earlier. It would seem that Assyria repented just long enough to receive the blessings of God that allowed them to conquer the Northern Kingdom of Israel before being conquered themselves by the Babylonians just as Nahum predicted.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Books For Sale

We're still cleaning out bookshelves and boxes. I've divided these by subject into 4 lots. Prices include postage within the United States and Canada. Feel free to pass the word along to anyone hat might be interested. All books are free of writing or highlighting and come from a smoke-free (but not dog-free) home.

Lot 1: Cherokee Unit Study ($12.50)

This set of 4 books consists of the following:
  • Cherokee Psalms, A Collection of Hymns in the Cherokee Language (all reading levels) - original price $3.00 bought at the Museum of the Cherokee in Cherokee, NC
  • Cherokee Heritage (junior high - adult levels) - original price $5.95 bought at the Museum of the Cherokee in Cherokee, NC
  • American Indians in America, Volume 2: The Late 18th Century to the Present (junior high - adult levels) - original price $5.95, not sure where I bought this
  • The Cherokee (elementary ages) - original price $4.95

Lot 2: Ancient Civilizations Unit Study ($7.50)
There are 2 books in this series and they are both published by Troll Associates
  • Growing Up in Ancient Greece (hardback, top corner dog-chewed personally by Pepper back when The Bear was 12 years old and she was his birthday present but no words or pages severely harmed.
  • Growing Up in Ancient China (paperback, originally priced at $4.95)

Lot 3: Dog Books ($7.50)
These were not used to school our children. I bought them to read myself when we were getting ready to add our first Labrador Retriever to our home in 1993. I guess you could say I was the homeschooled student who needed to know what to expect (she says with eyes rolling heavenward). Suitable for responsible children and adults.

Lot 4: US History potpourri suitable for Unit Study ($25.00)
There are nine titles in this set:
  • Liberty (Scholastic Books paperback) - originally $3.99: a detailed look at our beloved symbolic statue from conception to restoration
  • Abraham Lincoln Fact Book & Teacher's Guide (paperback) - originally bought from the National Park Service for $4.95
  • Civil War Commanders (paperback) - originally bought from the National Park Service for $5.95 - includes brief biographical sketches of commanders from both sides of the conflict
  • A Gallant Christian Soldier: Robert E. Lee,The Sowers Series (hardback) new paperback edition is available at Amazon for $7.99
  • Andrew Jackson's Hermitage (souvenir paperback published by The Ladies Hermitage Association) - color photographs and text detailing the life, times, and home of the 7th President of the United States
  • The Lost Colonists: Their Fortune and Probable Fate (paperback) - originally bought from the National Park Service for $6.50 - describes one theory concerning the residents of Roanoke Island that disappeared between 1587-1590.  (This book is suitable for high school - adult readers.) 
  • The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane [A Newbery Honor book] (paperback) - originally $12.95 - contains original photographs taken by Wilbur and Orville Wright
  • George Washington's Rules of Civililty & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation (hardback) - originally bought at Mount Vernon Gift Shop for $9.95
  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (SoHo paperback edition edited by Charles W. Eliot, various prices and editions available online)

Feel free to contact me at karabeth6@gmail.com with any questions

Bible Reading Schedule for August 13-19, 2012

I apologize for my lack of participation. When the rash wasn't making me feel bad the heavy meds that were. I trust that I can resume a normal blogging life this week. Thanks for your patience (and your prayers).

Monday, August 13, 2012
Micah 4, 5
Psalms 12, 13

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Micah 6, 7
Psalm 14

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Psalm 15

Thursday, August 16, 2012
II Kings 18-20
Psalm 16

Friday, August 17, 2012
Isaiah 36-38
Psalm 17

Saturday, August 18, 2012
Isaiah 39, 40
Psalm 18

Sunday, August 19, 2012
No scheduled readings; if necessary use the day to catch up if you are behind

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Very Mini Homeschool Curriculum Sale

I'm getting ready for another - and our last - year of homeschooling. While putting together lesson plans this past week for The Bear's last year I noticed a few things that I no longer need. Some of these things are brand.new. As in UNTOUCHED. I don't know why that is except that I changed my mind somewhere along the way. Anyway, I could store these things until next year in the hopes of participating in a curriculum fair that doesn't conflict with other things on our schedule (as has happened the last, oh, say, 5 years or so) but I think that perhaps someone who doesn't have all their curriculum purchased or likes to plan ahead for future years might buy them now.


Alpha-Omega LIFEPACs elective: Geography (Jr. High or High School)

These workbooks have no marks and come with the Teacher's Guide/Answer Key.

$15.00 postage paid. Retails for $28.95 and sells at Christianbook.com for $26.06 at their website. Covers are slightly different but it is the same 1997 edition.

I will take a check or money order but would prefer PayPal. Contact me at karabeth6@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing this set.

5 LIFEPACs and Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide Table of Contents page

Teacher's Guide

Scope and Sequence toward 1/2 credit of high school Geography

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Now That My Eyes Are Open

I really was doing great, you know? I was rather busy in one form or another in July with church camp for 2 week but I still managed to crank out blog posts for the Bible reading program (some posts previously scheduled) as well as be able to fulfill my babysitting responsibilities and keep up with my church office obligations.

Things were going so well that we even stopped at a local farm and bought 65 ears of corn (5 dozen sold as a baker's dozen of 13 ears) and got them all processed the same day.

There were a couple of things scheduled on the calendar this past weekend: a canoe trip, and an out-of-town preaching appointment for Pastor Dad.

Uh, I didn't make those.

By Saturday morning, the day of the canoe trip, my eyes were swollen. By Sunday morning my whole neck and face were one angry rash and my eyes were swollen shut! A visit to a health clinic was thereby decreed necessary by one Pastor Dad.

It was quite fun answering the nurse practitioner's questions. To what kind of things have I been exposed lately?

"Well, how about Scarlet Fever and Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease?"

While she found those answers intriguing what she meant specifically was what kind of poison plants have I been exposed to recently?

"None of which I am aware." And believe me, when it comes to poison ivy, I am aware. It grows nicely in our flower beds (one of the joys of living near the woods ~ sigh) but I had not seen any the last time I worked in the yard . . . which had been earlier in the week.

And for the last couple of days I hadn't been seeing much of anything, poison ivy or otherwise.

But now that I am being pumped full of Zyrtec and prednisone along with my regular daily regimen of Claritin (which the practitioner said kept my case from being even worse than it was, perish the thought!) the itching is easing and my eyes are open once more.

So in a few days I will have all of the memory verse and summary material from the last week posted for those who are interested.

And if any of you are following the Blind Love and Blessings series the high doses of steroids are doing wonders for my hair but they are causing such eating binges that I really will be glad when the 10 day prescription regimen has passed. I fear it wouldn't matter how full the head of steroid-grown hair might be if it sits atop the Goodyear Blimp!