Friday, December 23, 2016

PRINTABLE of 2017 Bible Reading Schedule Now Available

Not only is the schedule available on the tab above every single day of the year, but it can also be accessed by clicking on the picture below. Happy reading!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2017 Bible Reading Schedule

The Bible reading schedule for 2017 is now posted. It can be found on the tab at the top. Note that it is the chronological schedule and that the printable has not yet been uploaded. That will happen within the next few days.

Note also that reading is scheduled for Sunday, December 31, 2017. This is necessary since the year begins and ends on a Sunday providing one less day, Monday through Saturday, than usual on which to read following the normal schedule.

The printable will be added soon.

Thanks to those who have asked for it. Your patience will soon be rewarded!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blind Love and Blessings: Revisiting the Edge

I went there again last night: That cliff where I hung in despair almost 20 years ago. Oh, I didn't climb down and hang on for dear life as my fingers released one-by-one like I did then, but I revisited the place like the morbid tourist that I am. You know, the one that visited the Inquisition Museum while in Lima, Peru or the person who always goes to cemeteries on vacations as well as historical prisons that attest to the sinfulness of man. (Alcatraz, anyone?) 

But this was personal. I was not looking on in curiosity at someone else's monument. I was viewing myself hanging there clinging to life.

And I didn't like what I saw . . . or felt. The pain of it all still exists.

I once again questioned the Lord about the circumstances behind the despair. Not the "Why me?" or "How could you allow this?" questions, but "Are you really able to use my disability for your honor and your glory?" is what I asked. Frankly, if the answer is "no" I might as well just climb over the edge right now.

I don't have my answer yet. 


Last night our study group was discussing a segment of the Bible study I wrote of I John. It was one of those nights when it was difficult keeping everyone's attention focused upon the path ahead. I really needed a shepherd's hook instead of a Strong's Concordance in my tool box. Sometimes in these circumstances the "somewhat related" topic where we stray is not so far removed as to be ignored and often is serious enough to warrant attention. Such was the case here.

The premise presented by someone in the group was that there are people who
  • A. Either will not accept Christ, or
  • B. Will not serve God
because they are angry over circumstances that God has allowed in their life. The corollary - as I understood it - was that this is somehow justified, or at least understandable when it affects people of certain demographics.

I'll grant the premise. There are people who either will not trust God or will not serve Him because they are angry over something "horrible" that He has allowed in their lives, but I WILL NOT agree that it is ever justifiable for anyone to continually use their circumstances as an excuse to be angry with God!

And that's when I unwittingly found myself standing on the edge of the precipice. I alluded to my own personal affliction (without actually going into detail about what that affliction entails) and emphasized the severity of my battle all those years ago by using the "S" word. (Suicide)

I heard the gasps. I saw the wide eyes of some of the ladies and the lowered heads of others.

I felt my face grow red.

The clarification was made that I had contemplated it in those days I shut myself in my room while suffering deep depression but I had never attempted it then or at any other time. Never. Somehow, it didn't seem to help the situation. At least it didn't help mine.

Comments were made about how hard it is to carry the burdens of a pastor's wife. Perhaps true, but totally irrelevant. Being a pastor's wife is not as hard as carrying a personal burden laid upon me with the permission of God Himself.

Today, the morning after, I am weary and worn. I've revisited a place I never wanted to see again and the trip has left me exhausted.

I may not know yet if God is using my affliction for His honor and glory, although I truly hope He is, but I was reminded once again why I felt the leading of the Lord when writing my study. Chapter one makes it clear that I am to enjoy personal fellowship with others. In fact, God Himself wants to fellowship with me!


If my true appearance were manifested to the world many would consider me a freak. But God does not care about my physical appearance. Jesus was manifested to take away our sins, and in him is no sin. (I John 3:5) He became a social outcast and accursed of God for me. He was separated from both men and God so that I could have fellowship with humanity and Deity.

So pray that my eyes will be drawn away from the cliff and its focus on my physical appearance and placed upon that hill called Calvary where my spiritual beauty was assured. And pray that I don't make it a regular habit of using "shock therapy" to prove my point unless it will somehow be used for God's honor and glory.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Bible Study Available: I John

There have not been many new Bible journal posts here in recent months, but I have been very busy studying the Bible in spite of the lack of blogging about it. For instance, I recently completed compiling some of my research into a study on I John called That Ye May Know. This is the first of several studies that I hope to develop and share with the ladies of my church and here On A High Hill.

This study was specifically written for women's Bible study groups but it is "not feminine" (to quote my husband who offered that insight as a compliment) even though it has a few references to females in it. For instance, it contains an assignment where the student is to underline a certain key word in pink because "we are women . . ." but men could certainly choose a different colored pencil like camo green to underline the word in the text if they so desire. They would also need to ignore the reference to women on the cover. In essence though I believe my husband's assessment to be correct.

If you are familiar with Jen Wilkin's book Women of the Word and the formula that she proposes then you will understand how this Bible study is packaged. The complete text of I John is included for the reader to mark.* The question format includes question and answer, fill in the blank, charts, and more complicated issues to ponder, as well as research projects designed to help the reader learn to use a Greek concordance and a lexicon whether online, within Bible software, or in book form. 

This study is available for purchase in pdf format. For the cost of $3.99 the buyer will receive a file via email that may be printed for self and everyone else in the buyer's Bible study group. (Please be honest about this. I will not be watching you, but God always is.) The only other cost your group would incur is that of printing the manuscripts.

Payments should be made through Paypal. If you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself or your group please contact me at Karabeth6 [at] gmail [dot] com with subject line "I John Bible Study" (quotes not neccesary in email) and we will share all information needed to complete the transaction.

May God bless you as you study His word!

*The included text is KJV. If you prefer another version you can easily find it online, copy and paste it into word processing software, print it and place it in the manuscript in the same location.

Monday, January 11, 2016

To Those Using the 2016 Bible Reading Plan

Update: A link for the newest book(s) encountered on the schedule will also be shown on the left sidebar as the "Featured Post."

There is a tab located at the top entitled "Bible Timelines" which contains links to introductions for each book of the Bible. Most links will lead to articles that highlight more than one book. For instance, here is the link for Genesis, John, and Job because that is what we read first in chronological order in the Old and New Testaments each new year. (Click here)

My apologies for not pointing this out sooner for the benefit of new readers.