Friday, May 4, 2012

And We're Back This Friday Evening

It seems like I recently found myself in a world similar to the one Lewis Carroll created in Alice in Wonderland, a world exhibiting a whole lot of scurrying about accompanied by an equal amount of no sense of time. I wish to thank my readers (both of them: "hi" Karen and Josh) for reminding me that there are schedules to be kept. I'll try not to let the White Rabbit be my time keeper again.

So what's been happening lately? Well . . . a lot of the stuff but much of it has revolved around my son.

First, he decided that he wanted to try his hand at designing and building his own computer. And so he did. But in order to finance the project he needed to sell his old one. To his dad. Since The Bear's "old" computer dates back to 2010 and Pastor Dad's computer is somewhere in the neighborhood of eight years old it wasn't a hard sell.  :)

Both gentlemen are now very happy with their desktops, although "desktop" might be a misnomer in describing The Bear's computer. And I'm still very satisfied with this laptop of mine (and don't you DARE take IT apart to see how it works) thankyouverymuch.

I was mainly involved in the driving back and forth to the computer parts place across town. How ironic is it that the least geeky person in the household is the one with an account at the computer store?!

Second, he got a job. Just in time, too. I'm pretty sure that - besides the computer - we're not interested in purchasing any more of his possessions from him.  Old Yu-Gi-Oh cards, anyone? :)

His job is ~um~ interesting. He is a guide at an outdoor recreational area. He loves it and I've noticed that he has spending money these days.

My part involved completing the paperwork. Good grief! If I got paid by the hour to fill out all the forms involved in his "employment packet" I could take that trip to Europe now that's on my bucket list. I'm truly mystified at how any illegal could slip unknowingly through the employment system, but that's a rant for another day.

Third, he had a birthday. He asked that I make homemade strawberry pies for the occasion. I found a simple recipe last year that we really liked and I am now convinced that the people who sell strawberry glaze in cartons in the produce department at the grocery store are laughing all the way to the bank. Really. I think the glaze to make 2 pies cost about 50 cents.

And then there are the non-son related things that have been keeping me otherwise occupied:

Nice days could mean trips to the park with my grandson.

Showing his new skill at walking on the balance beam/spring

Even not so nice days aren't bad ones when there is our new granddaughter living right up the street!

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  1. I hovered over to see if a link to the simple strawberry glaze was there....but, alas! It was not! (hint!) I think even I might be able to handle a strawberry pie! I used to LOVE the season of strawberry pies at Frisch's! I miss Frisch's, among other things, from that area of the country! Hope all is well with everyone! And I am thinking your husband's OLD computer was newer than mine! But, I'm squeezing it til the last whatever "bytes" the dust! :D


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