Monday, April 14, 2014

Journal Through the Bible: Week 62 Saturday and Week 63 Monday

II Kings chapter 20:1-11 and
Isaiah chapter 38

Only the first few verses are the same, but we will study them together then note where they separate into different narratives.

Beginning in verse 9 of Isaiah 38 we read what Hezekiah wrote unto the LORD when he was sick.

(We will record II Kings 20:12-21 with Isaiah chapter 39 tomorrow.)

Does God issue any commands?

  • (verse 1, both chapters) God sent Isaiah the prophet to tell King Hezekiah that he would soon die from the illness that was afflicting him.
  • (verse 5, both chapters) God sent Isaiah back to King Hezekiah to tell him that God had answered his prayer for healing
  • (II Kings 20:7; Isaiah 38:21) Through Isaiah, God commanded a lump of figs to be laid on Hezekiah's boil.

Does God make any promises?

  • In II Kings 20:5 and Isaiah 38:6 it is recorded that God was adding 15 years to Hezekiah's life.
  • In Isaiah 38:5 it is recorded that God told him that he would be healed and would go up to the house of the LORD on the third day.
  • (verse 6, both chapters) God told Hezekiah that He would defend the city against the Assyrians for the sake of David, Hezekiah's forefather.
  • (II Kings 20:8-11; Isaiah 38:7-8) Through Isaiah, God turned the shadow on the sundial of Ahaz backward 10 degrees as a sign of His promise to heal Hezekiah.

Do these chapters teach anything about Jesus?

  • Hezekiah asks for someone to "undertake" or mediate for him (Isaiah 38:14). Jesus is the mediator between God and man. He says in verse 15 that God spoke to him and answered his prayer.
  • Hezekiah says that God cast all his sins behind His (God's) back. That is through the shed blood of the mediator, Jesus! (38:17)

Do these chapters teach anything about yet-future events?

  • Only the living praise God. The dead do not. This speaks of spiritual life and death. The grave does not keep the Christian from praising God. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord! (Isaiah 38:19)

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