Friday, April 11, 2014

Journal Through the Bible: Week 62 Tuesday & Wednesday

II Kings chapter 18 : verses 1-12 are introduction; verses 13-37 are similar or almost verbatim to 
Isaiah chapter 36

King Hezekiah began his reign in Judah. He was a good king who removed all of the idols, including that old brass serpent that Moses had made at God's command in the desert because the people had begun to worship it by offering incense to it.

The Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom of Israel during the early years of Hezekiah's reign. God kept Judah from the same destiny even though He allowed some of the fenced cities to be taken by Sennacherib, king of Assyria, in punishment for Hezekiah's refusal to pay tribute to Sennacherib.

Does God issue any commands?
  • Hezekiah kept the commands that God had given in the law.

Does God make any promises?
  • God does not speak in either of these chapters

Do these chapters teach anything about Jesus?
  • It was the God of Israel, who is Jesus as God in the flesh, that the Assyrians were mocking when they sent messengers to Hezekiah. They claimed that the LORD had appeared to them with a message to destroy Jerusalem but no such message had been told to them. They also compared Judah's God to the gods of the other nations they had conquered.

Do these chapters teach anything about yet-future events?
  • Not that I identified.

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