Sunday, May 14, 2017

I Blinked and He Was Grown!

So this happened yesterday:

Seriously, it seems like it was only last year that we were asking the Lord to give us our fourth child that we specifically asked for by name. Okay, if God had given us our fourth daughter we would have been just as happy. It's just that we asked for The Bear and God gave him to us. (Thank you, God!)

After yesterday's time of ceremony and celebration I took out his baby book to put the commencement program in it. When I opened the pages a typed letter fell out dated May 8, 1995. It was a copy of the letter Pastor Dad sent our church members encouraging them to be in church on Sunday, May 14th, Mother's Day. He had 3 reasons enumerated but the one that specifically caught my eye was the third one:

"3. This Mother's Day it will be my blessed privilege to introduce to you a very precious individual. On May 3rd, 1995, God blessed my wife and me with a son, [The Bear]. It will be a joy to dedicate him to the Lord and introduce him to the church. . . "

We have the service on video but these are a few "pictures of the pictures" from our scrapbook album. We dedicated our baby boy 22 years ago today! I can hardly believe how fast that time passed!

If we've been blogging friends for any length of time you've watched my son grow from a little guy taking taekwondo, read about his voracious appetite in his adolescent years, recall the hilarity when I walked into the house and heard him and his friends call out, "Hey Mom!" or "Hey, Mrs. P." in several notes on broken scales as their voices changed, encouraged him as he played on a competitive basketball team with other homeschoolers, and congratulated him as he was awarded his black belt. You may have even appreciated the fact that we all survived the learning-to-drive months. 

The homeschool years are all behind us now and so are the rest of those things. I've transitioned from homeschool  teacher / stay-at-home mom to a full-time office worker as my children / students transitioned into adults. What hasn't changed is my love for these 4 tremendous blessings. God continues to multiply my love as they find and follow His will for their lives. As we segue into the next stage of life, may I just say that I am still one blessed mama who can't wait to see how God continues to work in the lives of her children. It has been exactly 22 years since we dedicated our newborn son to the Lord and it is a joy to see Him at work in his life.

The sweet young lady who puts a smile on my son's face :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms reading this today!

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