Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Journal Through the Bible: Week 84 Saturday

Ezekiel 36:8-38

This portion follows God's words of judgment upon Mount Seir and encouragement to the mountains of Israel that He would avenge them. It includes promises that were fulfilled when the captives returned home from Babylon as well as promises that are yet to be fulfilled.

Does God issue any commands?
  • God told Ezekiel to tell the people that they had profaned His name in front of the heathen everywhere they went but that He would sanctify His great name among the heathen for His own holy name's sake. Then the heathen would know that "I am the LORD."

Does God make any promises?
  • God promised fruitfulness to the people of Israel, both in crops and in progeny.
  • God promised that the people of Israel would return to their inheritance.
  • God promised to restore them to the land.
  • God promised to sprinkle them with clean water to cleanse them from their filthiness and their idols.
  • God promised to give them a new heart and to take away their stony heart.
  • God promised to put His Spirit within them so that they would walk in His statutes.
  • God promised that Israel would be His people and He would be their God. Then the people would loathe themselves because of their sins. (This is repentance!)

Does this passage teach anything about Jesus?
  • Jesus is the water that cleanses from filthiness. He is the Living Water.

Does this passage teach anything about yet-future events?
  • Many of these promises are yet to be fulfilled. It is true that many of the people have returned to the land, but most do not have a new heart or His Spirit within them. The time is yet to come when there is total peace between God and His people. The time is yet to come when Israel is free from all of her enemies.

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