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Throwback Thursday: Last Year in Peru

This time last year Pastor Dad and I were in Peru. After we returned home I found myself overwhelmed with other things and never got more than 1 article about the trip written. You might want to go back to that post (click here) to read about our first day in Peru, a day in Lima. Then come back and read of the events of the next day. I can write about the day even though it was a year ago because I took a journal with me where I faithfully recorded the day's events. I know you aren't surprised. :)

I hope to tell you more in future weeks. Thanks for reading. And do not forget to pray for the dear people of Peru!

Most of what you will read is quoted directly from my journal.

October 17, 2013
We left the Magdalena neighborhood and drove down the coast to Chorilla where we got on the Pan American Highway and headed south, destination Ica [pronounced EE-kuh). The Pacific coast around Miraflores looks very much like the coast south of San Francisco, CA. The breakers hit the beaches but there is a continual haze on the horizon. Actually, I haven't seen the sun since I left Cincinnati [two days earlier].
Art seen as we drove down the coast. The picture is not clear because it was taken through the window of the moving vehicle.

Heading toward the Pan Am Highway: Fiona navigating (the GPS), Pastor Stanton driving. Chorilla, perhaps?
 The further south we drove the more we encountered the desert terrain of Peru. Until this trip I didn't even know that Peru has a desert! I always thought of it as a country of mountains and jungle. And it has those, too, but we were truly in the desert on this day!

Beginning to see sand dunes!

These are the houses of those homesteading on the land. The Peruvian government opens areas just
like the American government did in the 19th century. Those who claim the land and prove
their claim will get to be part of the neighborhood and eventually build better houses on these plots.

I do not remember what these small taxis are called but don't they look interesting lined up on top of the hill?
Once we reached Huacachina  [pronounced Walk-uh-chee-nuh] we checked into a local hotel and went to find our dune buggy driver. This whole area is desert dunes and it reminds me of the old Rat Patrol t.v. show. Huacachina is a beautiful oasis with native restaurants and hotels surrounding the lagoon. There are paddle boats but we did not rent them. We did ascend the dunes in the buggy. The driver must have thought we were elderly and decrepit -  although if we were we would not have the agility necessary to climb into the contraption - because it was a fairly tame ride. We saw more speed and maneuvering in Lima traffic! But it was a nice ride and the scenery was spectacular, including another small oasis that is undeveloped. The dunes were also being used by sand-boarders but we chose to just watch that activity!

Welcome to Huacachina!

The driver and the "old folks." Bro. Stanton was the photographer.

The tourists overlooking the undeveloped oasis

Overlooking the lagoon and Huacachina

Watching the boaters as we toured the town

Later we sat around the pool at the hotel and watched the cats and dogs wander the terraces and rooftops. David and Bro. Stanton were discussing certain aspects of the ministry. We did not know it at the time but a young Swiss physicist named Johan was listening to every word from his seat behind us. When Bro. Stanton excused himself, Johan began to question David about the ministry. [Johan spoke perfect English.] Bro. Stanton returned and we all introduced ourselves. We were never able to steer the conversation to a personal message of salvation but in thinking back over the conversation he overheard I know he heard us speaking of our desire to put away useless practices in order to worship God in truth: REALLY worship God and not just attend worship services. perhaps this conversation will plant a seed in Johan's heart.
Relaxing poolside
 Our rooms had no television or other amenities: just a bed and a bath so we all retired early after one last walk around the oasis and the purchase of cups of coffee at a small cafe.

A view of the town of Huacachina. The oasis is to the right. The dunes are in the background

That was our second day in Peru! We had a refreshing day in the desert. Just like Jesus, we had opportunity to come apart awhile to pray and plan as we discussed the ministry with our dear missionary friend.

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