Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Grandchild T-shirt Project

Little Miss Lili-ladybug loves Lalaloopsy. I confess that until recently I had no idea who or what that might be! However, anything can be found on the Internet so I was soon educated! I used that new knowledge to produce a t-shirt for her that I thought she might like:

I traced a black line drawing picture of a Lalaloopsy girl that I then painted with fabric markers. I embellished this with black buttons for the eyes, a tied red ribbon in the hair, red embroidery floss for the shoe laces, black embroidery thread stitching for the mouth, and gold embroidery thread for textured hair. Then I attached t-shirt material with fusible web to the inside of the shirt to protect Lili's skin from the knotted threads.

Not knowing the story, I had no certain character in mind when choosing the hair or clothing colors. I don't think it was a problem. Since Lili's third birthday was approaching we bought her this doll, one of two blond but non-identical dolls she received.

The t-shirt was finished a couple of weeks before her birthday party where Lili wore the shirt! A friend held her while I snapped this photo:

If you're keeping track you know that I still have one shirt left to make. That would be for Polly. And given that she is a preteen and the weather is cooling off I'm thinking something long sleeves and chic would be in order. Stay tuned.

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