Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Handi-Treads for Stair Safety (and a Discount Code, too)

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Disclosure: Goods were received in exchange for my honest opinion.

Recently the HandiRamp Company of Libertyville, Illinois asked me to preview their Handi-Tread product on our deck stairway and share my honest opinion. They also said that I can offer you, my readers, a discount if I think it worthy of purchase. Well, I do like the product and would gladly share the love of safety with you! See below for the discount code.

Injuries and deaths from falls are a rising concern for everyone but this is especially true for aging populations (clickable link) or households with young children (clickable link). We routinely have representatives from both demographics - and everyone in between - traversing our stairs. Several years ago I slipped and fell down our inside steps and broke a bone in two places on one foot and the big toe on the other one. Although my injuries healed completely I still suffer from occasional swelling. Most falls are preventable.

Our inside staircase is not nearly as hazardous to descend as our outside steps so we installed Handi-Treads on the steps that connect our multi-level deck to the patio. Our deck steps are made from wood tread risers with grooves designed to provide some traction. The problem is that we often have precipitation that pools in those grooves making the steps slippery. Not only is this a problem because of our Midwestern winter snows but we can also experience quick freezes following rain in the early spring and late fall that turn the water in the grooves to ice! Grooves are not much help in that situation.


The solution is Handi-Tread!

Stair risers with grooves and Handi-Treads

Taking it to the next level

There are other products on the market designed to cut down on slips and falls but they are not as good or as permanent a solution as Handi-Treads.

Please note that Handi-Treads can be used inside or out, on wood or cement steps. They are durable yet gentle on feet. They are used in private homes and in public parks and buildings.

Here is my opinion of the Handi-Tread product sent to me. I love it! It is a noticeable improvement to the traction on our stairs. 

The only negative comment that we have is that the screws included were not as durable as the Handi-Treads themselves. We stripped the screw heads whether we turned them by hand power or used a power screwdriver when installing them. We pre-drilled the holes but the metal shavings piled up anyway. The installation itself was done quickly in spite of that and we are satisfied that the treads are securely installed.

Now for the savings. My readers can obtain a 10% discount simply by using the code BLOG2015 at checkout. Click here to enter the HandiTread website to see their various colors, sizes, and styles.

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There is also a STOP THE SLIP contest that you may enter if you are interested. See details here. This is a video contest so if you have a story you wish to dramatize detailing how you slipped in a public location your entry may win a set of Handi-Treads to make that very location safer. Four winners are chosen each year. What a great way to keep others from slipping as you did!

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