Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bible Reading Schedule for January 9-15, 2012

Please note: It's not too late to begin NOW. You can easily make up the missed days.

Or you can request a modified schedule that was adapted for a group that will begin reading on January 11th. The modified version gradually catches up the missed 8 days through January and February and requires slightly more reading until it syncs with the posted version on March 1st.

The complete 2012 reading schedule and the modified one are available as printable pdf or MS Word files (please specify) upon request to

January 9-15

Monday, January 9th
  • Job 6-8
  • John 10
Tuesday, January 10th
  • Job 9, 10
  • John 11, 12
Wednesday, January 11th
  • Job 11-13
  • John 13
Thursday, January 12th
  • Job 14, 15
  • John 14
Friday, January 13th
  • Job 16, 17
  • John 15
Saturday, January 14th
  • Job 18, 19
  • John 16, 17
Sunday, January 15th
  • This day is set aside to read any scheduled scripture portions that have not been completed.

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