Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Timeline

We didn't begin any new books of the Bible this week so there isn't anything to discuss on the broad timeline, however, I did notice something interesting this week when viewing a chart that showed a harmony of the gospels. This would be more of a mini-timeline

Have you ever noticed how many events John recorded that happened after the Passover (The Last Supper) but before the crucifixion? According to John, many things happened between them. In his gospel the supper takes place in chapter 13 but the crucifixion itself isn't recorded until chapter 19.

The other gospels are not quite so detailed. Matthew records The Last Supper in chapter 26 and the crucifixion in the next. Mark records the supper in chapter 14 and the crucifixion in chapter 15. Likewise, Luke records the events in succeeding chapters telling about the supper in chapter 22 and the crucifixion in chapter 23.

John managed to provide us with so many more details than did the other gospel writers. It is as though he relived every moment over and over again in his mind and was able to recall exact details concerning words and actions. Trauma will sometimes help someone recollect things about a loved one and the Holy Spirit seems to have given John that ability.

And aren't we glad He did! It is from John's gospel that we learn that Jesus comforted his disciples about his leaving (chapter 14) and prayed for all of us who believe on Him (chapter 17). What an encouragement it is to have these added details to round out the scriptural account!

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