Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Friday: Return to Vacation

Oh, I wish!

It can't be done so I'll just return to the pictures of vacation. If I'm really delusional --er-- blessed I might even start to feel a bit warmer than I do right now just remembering the desert. Well, I can dream, can't I?

This year Lisa and I decided to take the power plant tour since the guys were there to share the experience with us. It was very enjoyable and very educational. (But don't tell The Bear because he just thinks we were on vacation!) These are some of the turbines that provide electricity to most of the southwestern United States.

And not only is the facility functional, but it has its artistic elements too. (There I go again with all that educational talk!)

I shot this picture blind. No, really. I couldn't see a thing with the blazing sun shining directly in my eyes so I closed them. I thought it turned out surprisingly well under the circumstances.

After we finished our tour we walked across the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, the same one you saw behind Dan, Lisa, The Bear, and Pastor Dad in the previous picture, and the same one casting a shadow across the face of the Hoover Dam in this picture. (I'm feeling warmer already! How about you?)

The turbines we saw are housed in the building on the bottom left of this photo. And that's Lake Mead in the background.

A few days later we went to Red Rock Canyon to descend and ascend the rocks. What a workout!

Down we go!

And up and over we go! Pastor Dad wanted to know if I was coming. I explained to him that it's very important for the photographer to stop and take pictures and gulp air so I made sure I took lots and lots of pictures. (I won't bore you with all of them.)

Sometimes it is important for the photographer to have a picture taken of herself just to prove that she really was there. Or maybe she just needed to sit for awhile and gulp air.

Some folk didn't seem to require much rest. (And some folk were in danger of breaking his their necks a great deal of the time. Not to mention any names or anything, but even big sister looks like she's delivering a stern lecture.)

The park itself is full of diversity! Not only are the formations different from place to place but even the temperatures differed by several degrees depending on how much sun the locations receive. We saw our first snow of the season near an area overshadowed by some high hills.

Brr! Now I'm cold again! And it's time to wrap up this segment of the travelogue from our December Vegas trip. One more post ought to finish it. That's it until our next Free Friday!

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  1. LOL! I know another photographer that likes to gulp for air while hiking and taking pictures. We won't mention any names! Lisa and Dan look really good!


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