Saturday, November 23, 2013

Read Through the Bible in 2013: November 25-30 Schedule

11/25/2013      II Chronicles 15-17 Psalms 148-150
11/26/2013      II Chronicles 18, 19 Proverbs 1
11/27/2013      II Chronicles 20, 21 Proverbs 2
11/28/2013      II Chronicles 22-24 Proverbs 3
11/29/2013      II Chronicles 25, 26 Proverbs 4
11/30/2013      II Chronicles 27, 28 Proverbs 5

I can't seem to locate an article that I wrote last year as an introduction to the book of Proverbs so perhaps I didn't write one! Let's give it a try now.

Proverbs could be called the "wisdom book" because it is a compilation of proverbs either written or collected primarily by King Solomon. I Kings 4:32 says that Solomon spoke over 3,000 proverbs. Many of them are probably in this volume.

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