Thursday, January 2, 2014

Journal Through the Bible: Week 48 Thursday

Ecclesiastes chapters 1 and 2

In the previous book, the Song of Solomon, Solomon was a love-struck bridegroom. In this book he identifies himself as The Preacher, an older, wiser man who desires to deliver a few sermons about life.

Does God issue any commands in this passage?

  • God does not speak directly in these chapters.

Does God make any promises?

  • God does not speak directly in these chapters.

Does this passage teach anything about Jesus? 

  • Solomon describes work that is done under the sun as very hard (1:13-14). This is because of the curse of sin upon the earth and its inhabitants. Jesus told all who labor and are heavy laden to come to Him and He would give us rest. Revelations says that there is no need of the light of the sun in Heaven or on the New Earth because Jesus is the Light there. Work under the sun is hard. Work under the Son is easy.

Does this passage teach anything about yet-future events?

  • One generation after another passes away and another generation comes, but the earth abides forever. (1:4) This earth will be changed but earth will last forever. Revelations tells of the New Earth that will abide forever after its purification with fire.
  • Solomon described his work as vain because they would eventually disintegrate. In eternity the works of man's hands will not be destroyed or corrupted by moth or rust.
  • No matter what a person builds upon earth it cannot go with him when he dies. And he will die whether he be a fool or a wise man. But in eternity the treasures we have laid up in Heaven and those which our Savior has set aside for us will forever be ours.

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Psalms 19:14 (KJV)