Saturday, January 11, 2014

Journal Through the Bible: Week 49 Thursday

I Kings chapter 12

Does God issue any commands?

  • God commanded Rehoboam not to fight against Jeroboam and the people of Israel.

Does God make any promises?

  • No.

Does this chapter teach anything about Jesus?

  • The advisers of Solomon, Rehoboam's deceased father, counseled him to become a servant of the people stating that if he did the people would also be his servants forever. (Verse 7) Jesus came as a servant and we, His people, will serve him forever. The people had requested an easier burden. Jesus promised a lighter load for His followers.
  • After the third day Rehoboam promised the people a burden heavier than ever before. After His third day, Jesus fulfilled His promise of lightening the load of His people's burden. 

Does this chapter teach anything about yet-future events?

  • None that I identified.

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Psalms 19:14 (KJV)