Monday, January 13, 2014

Journal Through the Bible: Week 49 Saturday

I Kings chapter 14

It did not take long for God to pass sentence against the northern kingdom! There first king was on the throne when He told the king's wife that the day was coming when the people would be removed from their homeland and scattered among the nations.

The southern kingdom did not fare much better! Five years after the death of Solomon, the Egyptians stripped the Temple and the palaces of all their gold.

Does God issue any commands?

  • God told Ahijah the words to say to Jeroboam's wife, a woman who was to pretend to be someone besides the wife of the king.

Does God make any promises?

  • God promised that the northern kingdom would be torn away from the family of Jeroboam.
  • God promised that the child would die.
  • God promised that the people of the northern kingdom would be punished for their idolatry.

Does this chapter teach anything about Jesus?

  • The prophet Ahijah possessed knowledge about a situation which he could not know about unless the LORD revealed it to him. In Jesus' earthly ministry He exhibited the ability to know things that he should not have had the ability to know. This included being a learned scholar even though he had never received an education, having knowledge of complex doctrines at a young age, and knowing what was in the hearts and minds of everyone He met including when He called His first disciples to follow Him.
  • The prophet Ahijah told Jeroboam's wife that her child would die and that God would allow him only of Jeroboam's descendants to be buried because there was found some good thing toward the LORD God in the child. Perhaps this young man had a child's belief in Jehovah or perhaps the child was still a toddler. Either way, he was a child. Jesus taught that one must have a child-like faith in order to enter His kingdom. (Matthew 18:2-4)

Does this chapter teach anything about yet-future events?

  • 14:21 states that Jerusalem is where God chose to put His name and that this is where Rehoboam, the grandson of David, reigned. One day that kingly line will return to reign in Jerusalem, the city where God chose to put His name. 

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