Monday, March 17, 2014

Journal Through the Bible: Week 58 Wednesday

Isaiah chapter 19

Isaiah was given a prophecy concerning Egypt. Much of this sounds like current events!

Does God issue any commands?

  • No.

Does God make any promises?

  • God would visit Egypt and move their idols. There would be civil war, perhaps when dynasties changed. (Daniel 11 may also deal with this subject. Also, this prophecy may have been fulfilled in the past, but it is certain that we have been witnessing civil war conditions in Egypt recently, too.) The waters would also fail. Their economy would be devastated.
  • Egypt would fear Judah. Five cities would speak the languages of Canaan. There would be an altar dedicated to God in the middle of Egypt and a pillar dedicated to Him at the border. They would cry to God and He would send them a deliverer. The Lord would be known to them and they would return to Him. Then He would heal them. 19:17-22
  • Israel would be the third with Egypt and Assyria. The LORD of hosts will bless them, saying, "Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance. 19:25

Does this chapter teach anything about Jesus?

  • Jesus is the LORD of hosts.
  • Jesus is the savior sent by God for them. (The reference probably also means a human being sent as a leader to the people, but such rulers are a type of Christ and governments are ordained by God.)

Does this chapter teach anything about yet-future events?

  • Perhaps most of the events prophesied in this chapter are yet future. The confederation of Egypt, Assyria (present day Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey), and Israel must yet be future!

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