Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Help Launch "Polly's" Game! Plus a Giveaway Announcement!

Readers of this blog know my oldest granddaughter by her blog nickname of Polly. Well, "Polly" is almost a teenager now --cringe-- and a game designer. She is also a homeschooled girl who has been taught the free enterprise system and that money is supposed to be earned. She has dipped her toes into the free enterprise system and now a game company wants to help her earn more for her hard work.

Last year I requested your help in launching my son-in-law's newest game that was in production. NOW I'm asking for your help funding his daughter, Isabel's game, TIGER STRIPES.

Isabel designed and originally self-published her game. I even gave one of them away during the summer of 2012! Now her game needs backers during the Kickstarter stage before it can find its way into production. If this game goes into production I will give one of the professionally produced ones away here in the future.

To help get things well past the hump and speedily at full-funding, her daddy, Philip, is having a contest over at his blog. Philip has 4 games that have been published, including the very popular Revolution! board game. Now is your chance to get one of his 4 titles for free and help his daughter at the same time. Click on over there and check out the ways you can enter to win!

"Polly's" Gram thanks you. Happy hunting!

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