Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Journal Through the Bible: Week 101 Friday

Ezra chapter 7

The first few verses of this chapter give Ezra's genealogy back to the high priest, Aaron. He was a priest himself but he was also a scribe. One of the things that Ezra recorded was the law of the LORD. Another was the decree of the king to allow all the people of Israel who desired to return to their homeland to do so.

The king did not send them back empty-handed either. He sent gold and silver to be used to purchase animals and supplies for sacrifices and offerings also.

Ezra praised God for working in the heart of the king!

Does God issue any commands?

  • God did not give any new commands but as scribe Ezra prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD and to record the commands that God gave Moses for Israel to observe.
  • King Artaxerxes wanted all of God's commands as given to Moses concerning sacrifices and offerings to be followed exactly so he gave instructions for his treasurers to supply Ezra with anything he needed.

Does God make any promises?

  • God did not speak.

Does this chapter teach anything about Jesus?

  • Artaxerxes called himself "king of kings" but Jesus is truly the King of kings.

Does this chapter teach anything about yet-future events?

  • The king opened his treasuries and made all of his riches available for those who would worship the LORD. One day all the treasuries of Heaven will be open to us and the riches of our King will be at our disposal. We will worship our God forever.

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