Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday: My First Post Was About Almost Being a Handful

It's birthday week for two of our granddaughters, including our second granddaughter, Tigger! In honor of this special event I thought you might want to read again the conversation I had with her one day when she was along for the ride to taekwondo. It was the exact conversation that started me blogging.

I recently added a picture to that first post (clickable link) to show Tigger then. And here is a picture of Tigger this past Easter with her siblings and cousins, except Roman who was celebrating across the country. Tigger is in the back row between Polly who is holding the iBoy and Sweet Pea.

Happy birthday, Tigger! It is hard to believe that you are now "2 handfuls" which means you aren't nearly the handful you were back then.  :)

Happy birthday, also to Lili Ladybug who just turned 4. That means she is the age Tigger was when she made that funny statement. And yes, I think we would all agree that Miss Lili Ladybug is already a bit of a handful in some ways now, too.  ;)

Lili Ladybug is on the front row far left with Diamond Girl and Fen. Notice that our September girls both have reddish casts to their hair. We're sure that's where they get all that feisty handful stuff.

Happy birthday, our sweet September Girls! Gram loves you both very much, handful or not. XOXOXO

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