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Ministry MATTERS in August 2010!

When visiting this blog one must notice the Word of God on the page. It can be found in the heading, the sidebar, and in some of the posts. There is even a Bible reading schedule published each Saturday. Why? Because reading the Bible is important!

As such, it seems appropriate to begin this new endeavor with a ministry devoted to the Bible. Bearing Precious Seed in Milford, Ohio is the Ministry MATTERS pledge recipient for this month.

Bearing Precious Seed is one local church's ministry whose outreach is universal. Started in 1973 as a mission of the First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio this ministry is devoted to the printing and distribution of Bibles, New Testaments, and the books of John and Romans. They work with translators to provide missionaries with Bibles written in the native dialects of their field.

The Bearing Precious Seed website contains a chart of what they produced through April 2010. It shows that 5,713,950 scriptures were produced in that time in Burmese, Cebuano, English, French, Ilonggo, Russian, French Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog languages. Since the figure represents only the first four months of 2010, one can only imagine what the total must be as of today!

Bearing Precious Seed recently sent representatives to the World Cup in South Africa. Here is a testimony (taken from Facebook, but found on their website) of the reception the Bible portions received:

"Testimony from the World Cup Scripture Distribution
Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 10:30am
The 2010 World Cup project was definitely a global project. Those who gave and labored as well as those who received the Scriptures were a diverse group that spanned the globe. More than forty Seedline churches labored together in the assembly of the more than one million John and Romans. Forty-five South African churches were involved in the distribution of the Bibles. I was able to see people from all parts of the world receive the Word of God.During one game in particular in Johannesburg we were practically mobbed by the nearly one hundred thousand fans exiting the stadium. As the soccer fans began to exit the stadium we were soon surrounded by thousands of people, many of which were trying to get one of the Bibles. We were soon overwhelmed and began making our way down the street and away from the stadium. We were followed for a quarter of a mile and practically chased down the street as we were frantically passing out as many Scriptures as possible. In less than thirty minutes we had distributed more than ten thousand John and Romans.Not only were we involved in the mass distribution of Scriptures but there was also alot of one on one evangelism. I saw American missionaries, national pastors, South African church members, and American visitors all lead different people to the Lord. I was greatly impacted by many things that I saw when I was in South Africa. The biggest impact on my life personally was being reminded of what God's people can accomplish in His power when we work together. No matter where our citizenship is, or what color our skin is, we are all to be involved in the Great Commission.Phil TaylorBPS Seedline representative"

Won't you join me in pledging a contribution to this ministry? You may make a donation online at their website or send it via mail to their address:
Bearing Precious Seed
1369 Woodville Pike
Milford, OH45150

Leave a comment stating your pledge amount and you will be entered to participate in the drawing on this blog at noon on August 30th. (See here for the rules of participation. **See below also.)
This month's prize consists of 2 books (pictures below):

My Soul Thirsts for God is a collection of devotions on selected psalms. The writers of the Our Daily Bread devotionals have compiled 92 meditations on some of the most beloved portions of scripture.

Choosing a Bible, by Leland Ryken explains the differences between literal translations, dynamic equivalent translations, and paraphrases of the Bible and tells which versions fall under each heading. This is a very good, understandable book for explaining the philosophies behind Bible translations.

Clarifications and suggestions:
*If you do not wish to be contacted by this or any of the highlighted ministries, but wish to contribute, make your donation as anonymous as possible such as sending a money order. This option would negate declaring the gift as a charitable donation.

**For the purposes of the monthly drawing, the winner will have until noon the following Wednesday (48 hours total) to make contact with Karabeth Baptist Homeschool to arrange delivery of prize. If deadline is not met, a new winner will be announced.

***Karabeth Baptist Homeschool believes organizations selected for Ministry MATTERS are worthy of monetary support, but in no way does this imply agreement with everything said or done by the chosen organization or its assigns. Neither the blogger nor any member of her family work for the chosen ministry or receive funds or gifts from it.

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  1. I gave my donation via PayPal. Not only was it secure, but no one ever contacted me in order to solicit more donations.


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