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Journal Through the Bible: Week 87 Friday

I Chronicles 4:1-23

Note: This genealogy was corrected on 11/19/2014 because the family of Hur was incorrectly enumerated.

This passage adds more names to the lineal descent of the tribe of Judah. The majority of it covers the family of Hur, the son of Caleb. By comparing this passage with the ones that come before, it becomes clear that Caleb's father, Hezron, is the same person that is also known in scripture as Jephunneh.

A little more of the family tree is filled in as it concerns another son of Judah also. Up until now we have only been given the names of the Pharez branch, but today we are given information about the children of Shelah, the youngest son of Judah's wife: the brother not given to the widowed Tamar as a husband. Shelah went on to have children, just not by Tamar.

There are also a few additions that I did not add directly to the tree although the scriptures make it clear where they belong. These go directly under Hezron or Caleb. Therefore, the tree is not complete, but then that is easily seen if this small branch is compared to the ones published here previously.

There are also groups that cannot be placed directly on the tree even though it is understood that they belong to the tribe of Judah. There just isn't enough information given to place them. The reader of the post-exilic day must have known the history of these families and the priest who wrote this lineage did not feel the need to elaborate.

23. Judah
24. Pharez
25. Hezron/Jephunneh
26. Caleb (+ Ephrata)
27. Hur
28. Uri (not named in this chapter)
29. Bezaleel
 (not named in this chapter))
28. Caleb
29. Shobal
30. Realiah/Haroah (The family known as the Zorathites)
31. Jahath
32. Ahumai
32. Lahad
29. Salma (not mentioned in this chapter; see 2:54)
30. Those who settled in Bethlehem
30. The Jabezites
28. Etam
29. Jezreel
29. Ishma
29. Idbash
29. Hazelelponi (female)
28. Penuel
28. Ezer
29. Hushah
26. Ashur (+Helah; +Naarah)
27. Tekoa (mother:  not named)
27. Ahuzam (mother: Naarah)
27. Hepher (mother: Naarah)
27. Temeni (mother: Naarah)
27. Haahashtari (mother: Naarah)
27. Zereth (mother: Helah)
27. Jezoar (mother: Helah)
27. Ethnan (mother: Helah)
24. Shelah
25. Er
26. Lecah
25. Laadah
26. Mareshah
26. the families of Ashbea, fine linen makers
25. Jokim
25. the men of Chozeba
25. Joash
25. Saraph, who had dominion in Moab and Jashubilehem, family of potters in the king’s service

*** Additions to the above tree:
Besides the many other sons of Hezron previously named, including one that was born after Hezron had died, he had the following son who was younger than Caleb:
26. Kenaz
27. Othniel (who won the hand of Achsah, Caleb’s daughter; cf. Judges 1:12-15)
28. Hathath
28. Meonothia
29. Ophrah
27. Seraiah
28. Joab
29. The craftsmen of the Valley of Charashim

Besides the many other children of Caleb, the son of Hezron/Jephunneh that were previously named he had the following sons:
27. Ru
27. Elah
28. Kenaz
27. Naam

*** Names and groups that do not have enough information to place them on the family tree. These are obviously descended from Judah though.

A. Coz
The families of Aharhel

B. Jabez: The one who prayed to God asking for a blessing and had his request granted was perhaps the founder of the city of Jabez where the scribes were located. If so, he was descended from Hur through Salma.

C. Chelub (whose brother was Shuah)  We are told that these are the men of Rechab.

D. Jehaleleel

E. Ezra
Mered (who had 2 wives) + 1. Bithiah, the daughter of Pharaoh
Eshtemoa + Jehudijah
+ 2. Hodiah,the sister of Naham
The father of Keilah the Garmite
Eshtemoa the Maachathite)
Jalon (female)

F. Shimon

G. Ishi

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