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Journal Through the Bible: Week 88 Wednesday

I Chronicles 6:31-53

This portion of the chapter tells about the gospel musicians of the tabernacle and temple eras. These were the people David appointed as singers and songwriters from the 3 different lines of Levites. Can you imagine the tryouts for this choir?! These people ministered in the tabernacle after the Ark of the Covenant had been successfully moved to its place in Jerusalem. Their families continued to minister in Solomon's Temple after it was completed.

You will most likely recognize several of the names in this passage. "Shemuel," otherwise known as Samuel is listed here. Remember that he was the last judge of the nation because the people rejected his sons, Vashni/Joel and Abiah as being judges over them. This led to their request for a king and that's when Saul entered the picture. But Samuel's story does not end there. Notice that his grandson, Heman, was one of the singers that David appointed to serve in the tabernacle! Heman (and therefore Samuel) was from the Levite family of Kohath. Heman was the central musician. Since many of the psalms written by David denote that they are for the Chief Musician perhaps Heman was the one responsible for putting those to music for the king!

The name of Asaph, called his "brother" and basically the right hand man of Heman, should also be familiar as the writer of many psalms. He wrote Psalms 50, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, and 83. Asaph was descended from the Levite family of Gershom.

The name of the man on the left of Heman is not well known today. His name is Ethan and he descended from the Levite family of Merari.

We are also given an abbreviated review of the high priests. This list is a replica of that which was given in the first verses of this chapter but it does not extend as far as the other. Even though it is given at the end of today's assigned reading I have shown it first in the genealogy outline so that the three musicians' lineages can be shown in succession.

22. Israel
23. Levi
24. Kohath (Through this son of Levi comes the high priest line and Samuel’s family)
25. Amram
26. Aaron
27. Eleazar
28. Phinehas
29. Abishua
30. Bukki
31. Uzzi
32. Zerahiah
33. Meraioth
34. Amariah
35. Ahitub
36. Zadok
37. Ahimaaz

25. Izhar
26. Korah
27. Ebiasaph
28. Assir
29. Tahath
30. Zephaniah
31. Azariah
32. Joel
33. Elkanah
34. Amasai
35. Mahath
36. Elkanah
37. Zuph
38. Toah/Tohu
39. Eliel/Elihu
40. Jeroham
41. Elkanah
42. Shemuel/Samuel (son of Hannah)
43. Joel
44. Heman*
24. Gershom (Through this son of Levi comes the psalmist, Asaph, whose family was on right )
25. Jahath
26. Shimei
27. Zimmah
28. Ethan
29. Adaiah
30. Zerah
31. Ethni
32. Malchiah
33. Baaseiah
34. Michael
35. Shimea
36. Berachiah
37. Asaph*
24. Merari (Through this son of Levi comes Ethan’s family, those on the left of Heman)
25. Mushi
26. Mahli
27. Shamer
28. Bani
29. Amzi
30. Hilkiah
31. Amaziah
32. Hashabiah
33. Malluch
34. Abdi
35. Kishi
36. Ethan*
* The chief musicians

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