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Journal Through the Bible: Week 88 Saturday

I Chronicles 7:20-40

The end of this chapter covers portions of the descendants of Ephraim and Asher. The Ephraim list concentrates on the genealogy of Joshua, the leader of the Children of Israel following the death of Moses and one of only two of the original twelve spies who believed that God would give the land to the people.

This passage also describes the inheritance and possessions of these tribes. Ephraim's description states that his border was near Manasseh. Since both Ephraim and Manasseh were the sons of Joseph, the son of Jacob that received the double-portion as a birthright, it says that this is where the children of Joseph lived.

The descendants of Asher are noted for being mighty men of valor and chief of the princes. They had a ready army available for war.

22. Israel
23. Ephraim
24. Shuthelah
25. Bered
26. Tahath
27. Eladah
28. Tahath
29. Zadah
30. Shuthelah
24. Ezer
24. Elead (slain by the men of Gath)
24. Beriah
24. Sherah (female). She built Beth-horon the lower and the upper, and Uzzensherah.
24. Rephah
24. Resheph
25. Telah
26. Tahan
27. Laadan
28. Ammihud
29. Elishama
30. Non
31. Jehoshuah (Joshua)
23. Asher
24. Imnah
24. Isuah
24. Ishuai
24. Beriah
25. Heber
26. Japhlet
27. Pasach
27. Bimhal
27. Ashvath
26. Shomer
27. Ahi
27. Rohgah
27. Jehubbah
27. Aram
26. Hotham/Helem
27. Zophah
28. Suah
28. Harnepher
28. Shual
28. Beri
28. Imrah
28. Bezer
28. Hod
28. Shamma
28. Shilshah
28. Ithran
28. Beera
27. Imna
27. Shelesh
27. Amal
26. Shua (female)
25. Malchiel
26. Birzavith
24. Serah (female)

Descendants of Asher that were heads of families but that cannot be placed from the information given in this chapter:



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