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Journal Through the Bible: Week 88 Tuesday

I Chronicles 6:1-30

In the beginning of this chapter we are given a broad outline of the Levitical family tree. There we see the familiar names of Moses and his siblings, Aaron and Miriam. Then we are specifically given the names of all of the high priests from Aaron through Jehozadak, the high priest at the time of the fall of Jerusalem.

Then we read about some of the Levites that served as ministers and servants of the tabernacle and temple. More details are given and the family tree begins to fill in a little more.

22. Israel
23. Levi
24. Gershon
25. Libni
26. Jahath
27. Zimmah
28. Joah
29. Iddo
30. Zerah
31. Jeaterai
25. Shimei
24. Kohath
25. Amram
26. Aaron (The first High Priest)
27. Nadab
27. Abihu
27. Eleazar (The Line of High Priests until the captivity of Judah)
28. Phinehas
29. Abishua
30. Bukki
31. Uzzi
32. Zerahiah
33. Meraioth
34. Amariah
35. Ahitub
36. Zadok
37. Ahimaaz
38. Azariah
39. Johanan
40. Azariah (executed the service in Solomon’s Temple)
41. Amariah
42. Ahitub
43. Zadok
44. Shallum
45. Hilkiah
46. Azariah
47. Seraiah
48. Jehozadak (went into captivity)
27. Ithamar
26. Moses
26. Miriam (female)
25. Izhar
25. Hebron
25. Uzziel
24. Merari
25. Mahli
26. Libni
27. Shimei
28. Uzza
29.  Shimea
30. Haggiah
31. Asaiah
25. Mushi

To which son of Kohath does the following line (verses 22-24) belong? It is very similar to a line descended from Izhar, which is the line of Elkanah the father of Samuel, but it is not his exact line. Perhaps Amminadab was another son of Izhar. Samuel was not descended from Amminadab. We will read his genealogy tomorrow. A portion of it is found in I Samuel 1:1-2.)

Then we are given the names of Elkanah's sons. The two mentioned in verse 25 do not seem to be from the Elkanah of verse 26. In fact, Amasai, the son of Elkanah in verse 25 might be the same Amasai of verse 35 which we will read tomorrow. If so, this Amasai was a distant ancestor of Samuel and this Amasai had a brother named Ahimoth.


Then we read the names of Samuel and his brothers/half brothers. We are told in I Samuel 2:21 that Hannah gave birth to 3 sons and 2 daughters but the names of the daughters are not given. We also are not told which sons were Hannah's and which were Peninah's. We see also that Samuel had 2 sons, which we knew already from reading I Samuel, but here we learn more about them. Samuel's son Vashni was also called Joel.

Samuel (by Hannah)
Vashni/Joel (cf. verse 33)

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