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Journal Through the Bible: Week 87 Thursday

II Chronicles chapter 3

This chapter covers the descendants of David through the time of the end of the captivity. In the family tree outline I have placed the name of David in red since he is an ancestor of Jesus Christ but I put the names of the kings that followed him, beginning with Solomon, in purple. This is necessary to show that Jesus does not claim the throne of David through the kingly line, through whom His guardian, Joseph, was of direct male lineal descent. Jesus has a blood tie to David through His mother, Mary, who descended from David's and Bathsheba's son, Nathan.

There are a few names that I could not place within the genealogy because there is not enough information given. However, it is clear from the context that these are descended from David and perhaps the author of the chronicles and his contemporary readers knew the connection.

33. David
34. Amnon (mother: Ahinoam the Jezreelitess; born in Hebron)
34. Daniel/Chileab (mother: Abigail the Carmelitess; born in Hebron)
34. Absalom (mother: Maachah the daughter of King Talmai of Geshur; born in Hebron)
34. Adonijah (mother: Haggith; born in Hebron)
34. Shephatiah (mother: Abital; born in Hebron)
34. Ithream (mother: Eglah; born in Hebron)
34. Shimea (mother: Bathsheba, the daughter of Ammiel/Eliam; born in Jerusalem)
34. Shobab (mother: Bathsheba the daughter of Ammiel/Eliam; born in Jerusalem)
34. Nathan (mother: Bathsheba the daughter of Ammiel/Eliam; born in Jerusalem)
34. Solomon (mother: Bathsheba the daughter of Ammiel/Eliam; born in Jerusalem)
35. Rehoboam
36. Abia/Abijam
37. Asa
38. Jehoshaphat
39. Joram
40. Ahaziah/Jehoahaz
41. Joash
42. Amaziah
43. Azariah/Uzziah
44. Jotham
45. Ahaz
46. Hezekiah
47. Manasseh
48. Amon
49. Josiah
50. Johanan/Shallum/Jehoahaz
50. Jehoiakim/Eliakim
51. Jeconiah/Coniah/Jehoiachin
52. Assir
52. Salathiel*cf Matt. 1:12
52. Malchiram
52. Pedaiah
53. Zerubbabel
54. Meshullam
54. Hananiah
55. Pelatiah
55. Jesaiah
54. Shelomith (f.)
54. Hashubah
54. Ohel
54. Berechiah
54. Hasadiah
54. Jushabhesed
53. Shimei
52. Shenazar
52. Jecamiah
52. Hoshama
52. Nedabiah
51. Zedekiah
50. Zedekiah/Mattaniah
50. Shallum
34. Ibhar
34. Elishama/Elishua
34. Eliphelet
34. Nogah
34. Nepheg
34. Japhia
34. Elishama
34. Eliada/Beeliada
34. Eliphelet
34. Tamar (female; mother: most likely Maachah)

The following are descended from David but I have no idea where they fit into the genealogy (verses 21-24). They could possibly be 4 sons of concubines such as are mentioned in verse 9 with the notation "besides the sons of the concubines, and Tamar their sister."

Rephaiah and his sons

Arnan and his sons

Obadiah and his sons

1. Shechaniah and his sons
2. Shemaiah
2. Hattush
2. Igeal
2. Bariah
2. Neariah
3. Elioenai
4. Hodaiah
4. Eliashib
4. Pelaiah
4. Akkub
4. Hohanan
4. Dalaiah
4. Anani
3. Hezekiah
3. Azrikam
2. Shaphat

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