Monday, January 7, 2013

Journal through the Bible: Week 1, Monday

(I listed several questions with the weekly reading assignment. These are my answers from today's passage.) 

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!!! This post is rather "top heavy" with answers to each question making the assignment appear more difficult than it really is. I assure you that this is not the length that each entry will be each day, but today's reading was especially rich in material. 

Genesis 1:1-2:3

  • Does God make any promises in this passage? If so, to whom does He make these promises and do they apply to me? I think there are, even if they are not directly stated, because they are surely implied!
  1. (1:26-27) God gave the herbs and trees for food. This is a promise of provision given to Adam but is meant for all mankind. (It does not mean that within the fallen world there would be no hunger but it does say that all of the plants that provide food come as a direct blessing from God.)
  2. (1:29) God states that people are made after His likeness and image. This means all people. We can only imagine the depth of this PROMISE and how it has been, is being, and will be a blessing!
  3. Actually, this whole passage speaks of a promise! God created all things and set the scientific laws, timing mechanisms, and universal orbits that govern His universe. Nothing or no one but God Himself can alter the course or laws! Not even the concept of a week, the one time designation not based upon a heavenly body, can be changed!
  • Can reference to Jesus be found in this passage? Yes, definitely!
  1. (1:1) God the creator. See John 1:1-3 for confirmation of this.
  2. (1:3,4) The light shining on the infant earth prior to the creation of the sun, moon, and stars. See John 1:4-5 to see where that light was from; also see Revelation 21:23 to see how Jesus will be the light of the future New Jerusalem.
  3. (2:2-3) The Sabbath rest.  Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. Read Matthew 12:8 (read verses 1-13 for context) or Mark 2:28 (read 2:23-3:5 for context). Here is a link to an interesting article about the sabbath rest as fulfilled by Jesus that I found while researching this subject.
  • Are there any references to future events in this passage? Not specifically, but definitely implied when compared with other scriptures.
  1. God created the heaven and the earth. In Revelation chapter 21 we are told that God, the Creator, will create the New Heaven and the New Earth. Based upon the creatures and objects that God called "good" throughout this passage it would be reasonable to conclude that these would appear in the next world (even the sun, which Revelation 21:23 tells us will not be necessary for light in the New Jerusalem but which obviously wasn't necessary for light at the creation of the first earth either since light appeared before the sun was created).
  2. Since God created man in His own image, and God the trinity (1:2 - the Spirit of God moved on the waters; 1:26 - "us" [plural] but 1:27 "his" [singular]), exist in a perfect relationship with each other it can be inferred that God created man to have a perfect and eternal relationship with Him. We know that our present sanctification allows us to taste the appetizer now as we await the main course.
For further thought: If we can assume that the new earth will be ordered in a similar manner as the original creation will there be a week, and if so will it include a Sabbath Day? I'd like to have your thoughts on this if you'd care to discuss it.  :)
  • Are there any commands given in this passage? Are they for specific individuals or are they commands that I am to obey also?
  1. (1:28a) God told the first male and female to be fruitful and multiply. This command is still in effect, but Jesus made it clear that not everyone is expected to do this, nor does God give children to everyone (Matthew 19:12). Obviously, God intends reproduction to continue as long as this world continues.
  2. (1:28b) God told the first couple to subdue the earth and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and every living creature that moves upon the earth. This command is still in effect however - like everything else - sin makes it hard do it! As a result of sin's curse creatures do not want to be in subjection to men and as a result of his sinful idolatry men have perverted this by insisting upon mankind's submission to creation!
Did you find anything else of interest to you? Please share!

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